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What we do

All of our services can be purchased individually, or combined into packages.   Program design and implementation are customized to each individual, business, or group.  Please see EVENTS tab for class schedule of on-site fitness.

Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration (WBV) as a tool to enhance health.  Personal training, small group fitness, and workshops. Just 10-20 minutes of WBV can give you the benefits of one hour of conventional exercise.

Health Program Design

Lifestyle guidance includes setting goals, being accountable, and creating a map to wellness success.  Learn to use the tools & technology on site to achieve optimum individual health.

CBD consulting

CBD consultation, education, and support in making positive changes to embrace healthy habits, recover from distress, and heal from the inside.

professional Training​

Implement vibration technology, CBD, and plant-based nutrition to your professional location.  On-site consulting, training, and support for practitioners, employers, and staff.  Workplace health program design for any size company.

Energy Medicine

Complement  other approaches to health care and / or aid your system of self-care. Address physical illness,  emotional or mental  discomfort through the energetic body.  Workshops, CEU's, and extended practice classes available.


Purchase whole body vibration and Elixinol  for your home or business.  Custom orders, dosage counseling, and individual training protocols available.

What our customers are saying

I've suffered from balance problems for years, but after I found Pro Vitae, I discovered I do not have any more problems. The vibration also helped with the pain in my legs and back!

P. Johnstone

The biggest success for me so far is not the weight loss , it's the fact that I no longer need pain meds to function on a daily basis any more. I cannot thank Misty and her staff enough for giving me this blessing and a new look at life.


Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Business to Business
Professional Training


Paid Per 10 hour contract

 Adding vibration into your practice

*Purchased as add-on to WBV equipment sales

10 hours  split for training on new equipment

2 Small group fitness classes

10% Discount for employees that purchase  WBV for home use

25% Discount for continued monthly support

Small Group Fitness 
6 week series


Per  Series (1 class weekly)

Small group Vibe Fusion 30 minute classes

6 Group Fitness Classes

One Package per location

5% Discount  on multiple series  packages

5% Discount for Coaching / Consulting Services

Early Notifications for Events

Individual Services
Single Use, Consulting

Ala Carte

No Contracts. Pre-paid Packages + Single  Use

Drop-in  fitness Class                                                  $25

Personal Training                                                $75/hr

Customized Health Program                                    $95

Personal Energy / Nutrition  Coaching       $150/hr

CBD Consultation                                                $170/hr

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